As Sinangin Matbaacılık Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A. Ş., we aim to prevent environmental pollution, to use sustainable resources, to reduce climate change, to determine and to keep under control all kinds of negative effects that may harm biodiversity and ecosystem by applying the requirements of 14001 Environmental Management System by serving with printed cardboard box, prospectus and plastered cardboard box activities, and to provide continuous improvement.


According to this target, our main principles are as follows;


To fulfill the legal and other requirements that we are obliged to comply with regarding the environment,

To determine our environmental goals and targets and to follow them regularly, to ensure their continuous improvement,


· To provide and improve environmental awareness by providing environmental awareness trainings to employees and managers,

· To prevent negative effects that may affect the environment by fulfilling the rules of occupational health and safety.

· To determine the effects that may cause environmental accidents in advance and to take the necessary measures on time and in place,

· To identify and mitigate risks for environmental emergencies,

· To use energy correctly and efficiently, to protect natural resources and reduce their consumption, to develop methods of protecting natural resources,

· To use raw materials with less environmental impact with technology that causes the least damage to the environment, as far as technical and commercial possibilities allow,

· To ensure efficient use of energy and materials, to reduce waste generation to the lowest possible level, to support recycling and recovery,

· To reduce and prevent air and water pollution, leaks and spills and noise that may harm our environment as much as possible,


To constantly raise awareness of all our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and the society on environmental issues, to protect the environment and to spread this principle to our entire environment, country and the world through effective information flow and trainings.

Environmental Policy



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