Sinangin Matbaacılık Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has adopted the basic principles of producing products suitable for human health and ensuring customer satisfaction by producing reliable and high quality products and providing services.


In line with this principle, our company aims to be an exemplary business by producing safe products and providing services in healthy and hygienic environments in accordance with customer requirements, legal regulations and standards with its qualified and professional personnel.


· We aim to ensure legal compliance by managing food safety legislation and other legal conditions in the best way,

· To maintain our position by constantly following the developing technology, making investments regarding the necessity of production and infrastructure conditions,

· To have all personnel working in our company become a part of the Quality and Food Safety process and to ensure that our employees have the belief in maintaining our Food Safety Management System and a sense of responsibility through training activities.

· To evaluating the risks regarding Food Safety and production in all processes from raw material acceptance to the final stage of production, to take preventive measures, and to ensure that vulnerability is minimized.

· To work in cooperation with our suppliers for the development and maintenance of our Food Safety Management System.


To comply with the requirements of the Food Safety System standards, so that we continuously improve the performance of our processes, create targets in this direction, provide the necessary resources, and increase the awareness of our employees, implement the requirements of the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Standard with the participation of all our employees and commit to its continuous improvement.




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