As Sinangin Matbaacılık Ambalaj San. ve Tic. A.Ş., we continue to move forward confidently towards the future on the way to becoming a sought brand by identifying our quality with the principle of customer satisfaction, following the technological developments closely, expanding our domestic and foreign trade capacity, with the experience we have gained since our establishment.


The following principles are an integral part of SINANGIN policy;

- Acting pursuant to our quality goals and values in the decisions taken.

- Ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the Integrated Management System in all areas of our activities.

- Working to increase customer satisfaction with a customer-oriented perspective, by constantly improving our technology, our human resources and our suppliers, and to evaluate customer complaints by taking effective actions.

- Evaluating the risk factors and opportunities that may affect the achievement of the company's goals within the scope of the risk approach, and ensuring the continuity of the improvement activities.

- Ensuring that the work is carried out effectively by providing trainings and inspections to ensure occupational health and safety and to prevent occupational accidents.

- Fulfilling the requirements of our social responsibility policy.

- Ensuring the security of information and planning preventive activities in this context.

- Carrying out studies to reduce the amount of waste and the use of natural resources with environmental awareness.

- Complying with the requirements of the Food and Product Safety Management System.

- Being structured to deal with emergencies.

We aim to improve and develop continuously with the support and trust of all our stakeholders and we are committed to carrying out activities in this regard with Integrated Management Systems requirements and Sedex Social Responsibility requirements and legal requirements within the scope of Quality, Food, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, which we have created in line with our vision, mission, goals and values.




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