In Sinangin Matbaacılık, the leading company that closely follows the innovations in its sector;

  We have adopted the principle of "respecting the people and the environment they live in as an Occupational Health and Safety Policy" as well as the principle of working by constantly improving ourselves, protecting all our employees and the environment we live in against possible risks of our line of business by minimizing hazards and risks with our expert staff and high-security equipped machines, providing a safe and healthy working environment for our personnel, subcontractors, visitors and everyone affected by our activities, and closely following and applying all the innovations related to our work with the responsibility given to us by the legislation and regulations on Occupational Health and Safety.


  We also aim to train our personnel in the best and highest quality in the field of occupational health and safety by ensuring that they also understand the responsibilities of their colleagues, reinforcing the idea that work is a self-developing teamwork that is carried out not only with the opportunities provided by the employer, but also by meeting the needs and demands of the employees, and with the active participation and contribution of the employees in the decisions to be taken, and by providing them with a good occupational health and safety awareness.

Our aim is to secure our position as a company that leaves a mark in the sector, even sets the standards, and is always taken as an example with what we do and what we will do.

In the light of all of these;


  “We are committed to fulfilling our duty on Occupational Health and Safety and we proudly write our name under every job we do.”






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